Magcook commercial induction wok fryer is ideal for all types of cooking-stir-frying, deep-frying, stewing and sauce-making. It’s very ideal to cook fries like vada, banana fry or to cook upma and kesari. Magcook commercial inductions wok fryer is ideal for restaurants, hotels and hospital, school collage canteens.


  • IPX4 protection level with multiple protection
  • Soft start technology, automatic alarm device
  • National patent coil for high speed faster cooking
  • The thickness of the panel is between 1.0cm to 2cm
  • Up to 50% saving on fuel and no costly maintenance
  • Self-developed ultra-long life magnetic sensor switch
  • 2.5mm thickness round iron pot design for durable using
  • All Austenitic stainless steel material for easier cleaning
  • Germany “Infineon” IGBT for safer and stable performance
  • Ultra-low noise design (below 45db) for more pleasant working
  • Waterproof and easy-to-read display to master the working status
  • Automatic power-off protection when no operation for a long time
  • Big capacity (60L) for 80-200 people meals when one-time cooking
  • levels of firepower settings to meet different heat needs when cooking
Model     Dimension (mm)
Power (KW) Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Capacity (L) Dia
MCFIWF- E108 750 850 800+400 8 415 50/60 18 550
MCFISLW - E112 800 900 800+400 12 415 50/60 23 600
MCFISLW- E115 900 1100 800+400 15 415 50/60 40 700

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