MAGCOOK commercial steamer is indented for restaurants, hotels, industrial plants, and canteens. The double-door commercial induction food steamer has 24 large steamer trays, which can fully satisfy the production of a large number of foods such as crab, rice, momo, and seafood.

Automatic drainage

Magcook allows you to maintain precise water level controls with the support of one button water replenishment and drainage

Secondary steaming

Magcook commercial steamer helps you to perform secondary heating and the performed temperature reaches 110 c which saves electricity and time

95% energy efficiency

The steamed insides Magcook steamer is circulated to speed up the cooking process the thread efficiency of the induction heating modes reaches 93% saving energy

Model     Dimension (mm)
Power (KW) Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Steamer Drawers
MCFIS- E115 1000 900 1860 15 415 50 24
MCFIS- E120 1000 900 1860 20 415 50 24

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