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MAGCOOK send more energy rapidly into a pan than a gas burner, electric coil, or radiant electric smoothtop, boiling water twice as fast as gas

Immediate Response

With all energy going directly into the pan, and no grate, coil or radiant burner to heat up, the temperature can be raised or lowered virtually instantly.

Energy Efficient

Just the pan is heated. No energy is wasted heating the air around the pan. Induction stoves are 85% effficient. Gas stoves only deliver 32% of the flame heat to the pan

Accurate Control

Digital controls allow setting temperature precisely without having to judge a variable flickering flame.

Cooler Kitchen

Since virtually all the energy is going in to the pan rather than the air, the kitchen stays cool.

Easy To Clean

Induction stoves have a smooth, easy to wipe clean ceramic glass surface with no hot burner grate on which food can bake, and no spots where grease and food bits accumulate.

Even Cooking

MAGCOOK heats up the entire pan simultaneously and more evenly than a gas flame or electric radiant coil, which only heat the part of the pan they touch.

Highest Safety Standards

With no flame and little residual heat after you remove the pan, MAGCOOK reduces accidental burns. There will never be a gas leak, and there is no igniter to fail or gas line to break in an earthquake.

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